Manufacturing Facilities

At VKT, We leverage our outstanding scientific resources, global leadership and scale to develop new innovative products that will make a real difference in people’s lives. The range and versatility of our production equipment means we can manufacture from Lab scale to Commercial production.

Our Strength


  • A dedicated facility spread over an area of 11,059 square meters for manufacturing oral dosage of Tablets and Capsules.
  • Production capacity of 1,191 million Tablets per year and 321 million Capsule per year on day basis with an expandable capacity up to 2,226 million Tablets per year and 642 million Capsules per year.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for Non Beta-Lactam and Non Cephalosporin dosage forms.
  • Three Ultra modern and sophisticated granulation suits with different capacities.
  • Designed as per Cubicle concept, provided with individual AHU’s.

BLOCK B: Pellets Block

  • An 8,138 square meters area with state of art cGMP compliance manufacturing faculties for Immediate and Modified Release Pellets.
  • Production capacity of 360 tons pellets per year.
  • Designed with a world class modular concept.
  • Two separate modules with different capacities.
  • Apart from Pelletization technology, ready compressible granules of Immediate and modified release oral dosage forms.

BLOCK C: Central Warehouse

  • Our facility compliance cGMP and eco friendly environment.
  • Built up with an area of 4011 square meters, accommodating about 6000 Pallets capacity.
  • Sufficient area for storage of finished goods has been provided.
  • Air conditioned area and cold room is also there for storing goods under controlled environment.
  • Separate area for EHG Capsules with controlled Humidity.